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Bangladesh e-passport will give you legal permission to cross the Bangladesh border and stay there for a particular period. You may also need an e-passport if you desire to visit Bangladesh from abroad.

The application form is the first step to successfully having a Bangladesh e-passport. Everything you need to know about it is here.

What Is a Bangladesh E-Passport Form?

Bangladesh e-passport form is an online visa application form filled by individuals who are applying for an e-passport.

It is one of the core requirements of the e-passport application process. Hence, any individual applying for an e-passport must fill this form. Without this form, the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the Immigration and Passport Department, will not even start, much less process your e-passport application.

You can conveniently fill in the Bangladesh visa application form online. Bangladesh e-passport forms are well-detailed, and simple to use even for non-tech inclined users. Typically, you are to sign the form after filling it. With CocoDoc, you can fill and sign online, all in one space.

What Details Are Required In Bangladesh E-Passport Forms?

An e-passport form is divided into several sections. Each of these sections requires a specific group of data.

Here are some sections and possible entry fields you may find on your Bangladesh e-passport forms.

  • Personal details and addresses
  • Travel document details
  • Payment details
  • Visa information (new and extension visas)
  • Transition arrival visa and no visa required for travel to Bangladesh
  • Police verification information

How to Complete a Bangladesh E-passport Form

The Bangladesh e-passport form contains lots of sections to be filled and so completing it can be a little tricky. With this step-by-step guide, you should be able to complete it in no time and with minimum fuss.

Step 1: This section seeks to know a few general details about you; your name, gender, date of birth among others. And to also know your contact address.

Part 1 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, general information

Step 2:Next, enter all necessary travel document details including the passport number, place it was issued, type of passport issued, date of issue, passport expiry date, and date of your last visit to Bangladesh

Part 2 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, travel document details

Step 3: Then, enter your bank details including bank and branch names. Other details required include the cheque/bank transfer number (whichever is applicable), the value of the deposit and the date the deposit was made.

Part 3 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, payment details

Step 4: You are required to enter all details about your new visa in the appropriate entries. In this section, you are required to indicate how long you intend to stay in the country, the purpose of your visit, when you arrived and how many times you intend to come into the country.

Part 4 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, new visa information

Step 5: Do you foresee an extension of stay beyond the period you indicated in the previous section? Then, name a guardian, spell out your visa number and type of visa you have, write out the purpose of extension of visa, the date the visa was issued, expiry date of this visa, and how many entries you intend to make into the country.

Part 5 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, extension of visa

Step 6: This section is designed to let the agency know if you can enter and stay in Bangladesh at any time as you wish without any restriction. You are required to name and mention the nationalities of your father, mother and spouse. Enter other necessary information like the reason for your entry to the country without a visa (Reason for Proposed NVR). If your reason is investment, what’s the value of the investment you’re making and what’s the name and address of your company.

Part 6 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, name and the nationalities of your father, mother and spouse

Step 7: Fill out all the details in this section including date of arrival, purpose of visit and your means of transport into the country, among others.

Part 7 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, transition arrival visa

Step 8: Verify the documents you have prepared and submitted. Have you submitted your birth certificate yet? Tick. Work permit? Tick appropriately. Then, sign on the ‘Signature’ field to accede to producing only factual information.

Part 8 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, checklist

Step 9: This section seeks to confirm the law enforcement agency's verification. Enter all necessary information. It will then be signed and dated accordingly by the issuing and inquiry officers

Part 9 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, police verification

Note: Do not fill the ‘Official Use’ section.

Part 10 of the Bangladesh e-passport form, official use

What Are Bangladesh E-Passport Forms Used For?

Bangladesh E-passport forms are collection tools used to gather some information from e-passport applicants, to process their passports.

No passport agency will begin a passport production process for an individual unless he or she has filled in all the necessary information on an e-passport form, and submitted it.

The details provided in e-passport forms can also be used to:

  • Run background checks on the e-passport applicant
  • Verify the individual’s identity
  • Establish who their relatives are or closest person (through information supplied in the next of kin section)
  • Collect an individual's information to store in a country's database
  • Monitor and control their activities within the country, especially foreigners.

Who Needs A Bangladesh E-Passport Form?

Any Bangladesh citizen traveling out of the country must obtain an e-passport form. Because without one, there is simply no way to process their e-passports which are used to run background checks on travelers at the airport.

In general, the following groups of people need an e-passport form:

  • Citizens applying for an e-passport
  • Government officials and diplomats seeking an e-passport for travel purposes
  • Citizens reapplying for an e-passport (may be due to loss, damage, or expiration of the first e-passport that was issued).

Individuals who already have valid e-passports do not need to fill another e-passport form. The only exception is those who need to change the order of their name, title, or any other information written in their first application.

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